Getting spinning beach ball consistently in my Mac PC. How to get rid of this problem?

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  • Are you getting persistent beach ball on your Mac PC?
  • Is spinning beach ball refuses to go away?
  • Do you want to resolve this issue?

You may get spinning beach ball consistently on your Mac PC. Sometimes it is application specific but sometimes it appears due to bigger mess.


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Mac shows spinning beach ball when it’s overloaded but it is not a problem because spinning beach ball gets disappeared automatically after a few seconds. Spinning beach ball generally tells that system is busy in doing or processing some background tasks. It may be application specific such as some application requires huge processor power and mac shows spinning beach ball telling that system is busy in doing some background tasks. As tasks completed spinning beach ball disappears from the screen. It is not a problem to appearing beach ball on the screen for a while.

But if beach ball appears on the screen for a long time it means something going wrong with PC. You must immediately fix this problem using the following way.

How to fix spinning beach ball consistently problem?

  1. Open Activity Monitor and check what is causing problem. If suspicious program is running out then kill the program. To forcefully close a program type Command + Option + Esc
  2. If your PC has small RAM then upgrade it with bigger RAM
  3. Clean some hard drive space. First clean Trash, Download folder and other junk files from PC.
  4. Mac OS is not optimized. In that case download mac optimization tool and using it optimize mac performance.

MacKeeper from zeobit might be best option for you. It is one of the most popular Mac Optimization Tool that repair damages of Mac and fix spinning beach ball consistently problem. It provides Internet Security, File Recovery, Mac File Backup, Smart Uninstaller, Cleanup Mac and many more features by which it improve mac performance.

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